About Us

How has it all started…

The world of cryptocurrencies is getting bigger every day. First Bitcoin was considered as a geek innovation created for IT specialists. After a few years, with the appearance of the earning potential, more people from outside of the IT industry got interested in the project. The biggest boom for cryptos, not only for Bitcoin, occurred at the end of the year 2017. Regular people, mass media, everyone on the Earth at last heard about BTC.

Along with the growing interest, the real-life adaptation of cryptocurrencies began. In the very short time since they came to existence, the accessibility of purchasing goods paying with cryptos has grown. The offer got diversified – starting with buying headphones in one of the most popular online retail stores, finishing on apartments in Dubai. And it has not stopped there.

But cryptocurrencies aren’t only about IT and financial sector.

As a quick and easy method of payment which works 24/7, digital assets began to be used in the entertainment industry. People looking for fun with Bitcoin discovered the way to play games using cryptocurrencies.

For these needs, FuturoBet is a solution.


FuturoBet is a cryptocurrency online casino where every adult looking for entertainment and fun is welcome. What makes us different from other casinos? First of all – security. We are working with accordance to KYC and AML standards required by us having a Curaçaoan license. Secondly – fast payouts. We are operating with two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Pick how you want to start gaming! You can receive your winnings with the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

Knowing that we care about the safety of your funds and quick transactions, you can start playing in one of over 1000 games!

If you have any questions, our Support Team is here to help you.

Because with FuturoBet you can Win Your Future!