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All aboard the Gold Train

FuturoBet is not an ordinary online casino. It’s a place full of adventures tailored to suit your dreams! Spend your Bitcoin playing one of many gambling games available. All of them give you a chance to Win Your Future!

Gamble like never before

Don’t be late for the Gold Train! An opportunity to win the treasure awaits in this fantastic game inspired by a living symbol of the industrial revolution: railways. Embark on a journey and seek for the fortune. Remember! If you manage to land at least three Ticket symbols, you will be rewarded with a Train carrying a number of random prizes. So, are you ready to try your luck?

And if you’re looking for more, there are plenty of other slots available in our casino. All of them are made with passion for both gambling and cryptocurrencies. If you’re still not convinced, you may try them in free play versions. Choose your favorite game or try one of the various lotteries.

Casino for crypto enthusiasts

FuturoBet gives you a chance to taste the fun of gambling without leaving your home. The registration process is easy and requires only a basic verification. After its completion, you are free to play any game you want!

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The mysterious fortune: Madame Destiny

Do you want to know your future? Take off the cloak of mystery that shrouds your future? Madame Destiny has answers for your questions. 

Every game available on FuturoBet is a chance for you to Win Your Future – for example, the fantastic Wolf Gold. But none of them is so mysterious and fascinating as Madame Destiny. Do you wish to ask her a question?

The dream of fortune

This slot game is all about mystery. Madame Destiny invites you to the world of dreams, where any future is possible – especially this one concerning the fortune which awaits you. Let yourself be amazed by those visions – cause they may become a reality sooner than you expect.

And of course, this journey will not only give you a glimpse of your future but will also provide you with great entertainment. So, don’t wait any longer and accept the invitation from Madame Destiny. 

Bitcoin casino with pure fun

And this is only one of many of our fantastic slots, available on FuturoBet. This innovative online casino offers plenty of ways to have a good time and unforgettable fun. Play one of our games with Bitcoin, and Win Your Future! And remember – your entertainment is of vital importance to us, so if you have any questions, just let us know.

If you want to learn more about our games, you should definitely read about them on FuturoBet’s blog.

Beowulf: An ancient tale

Ancient heroes have always fascinated us. Stories of their brave adventurers are both inspiring and entertaining. And probably the most prominent one concerns Beowulf.

All the games on FuturoBet allow you to play in many fascinating settings inspired by fantastic histories. But this one is particularly interesting. After all, it concerns the mightiest heroes of all time!

Only for the bravest 

Take part in an adventure worthy of the gods. Beowulf is a game inspired by this famous figure from the old legends. Now you may experience his voyages by yourslef. And remember – great fortune awaits in the ancient world!

But this is not the only famous hero in our games. You may also venture into ancient Greece in Hercules Son of Zeus. And if you’re not a big fan of such stories – you will surely find something for you among our many slot games!

Crypto casino of your dreams

FuturoBet provides many ways to both entertain and Win Your Future! Every game is made with a passion for gambling, and full support for Bitcoin allows every crypto enthusiast to have fun in our casino. And remember, the thrill of playing the games is the most precious thing which gambling may give you.

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The lucky rider: Treasure Horse

Gambling is basically about two things: an opportunity for a big win, and a fun which it provides. Slots available on FuturoBet offer you both of them! And Treasure Horse is an excellent example of it.

It’s always good to think for a moment about the game you will play next. After all, it might lead you to Win Your Future – which is an essential thing for us! Today we are taking a look at one of our new slots – and this one will bring you joy for sure.

The race for your fortune

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find the forgotten treasure and experience the adventure of your lifetime? Since the beginning of our civilization, our species was dreaming about reaching wealth and richness. That desire is still in our blood. 

Treasure Horse is precisely about it. This fantastic slot allows you to take part in the venture for the glory and opulence, in the fascinating climate of the far East, just like in Peking Luck! Are you ready to take part in it?

Plenty of games within reach

Or maybe you want to try something more? That’s not a problem at all! In our casino, you will find plenty of exciting slot games for every Bitcoin enthusiast. And every one of them is a new adventure to be seen. For instance, you may meet Nordic gods in Asgard! The choice is yours!

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Hot Safari: An adventure in distant land

In the world of crypto gambling, there is always a place for a bit of exotic. If you’re looking for the game with the tempting climate of distant lands, we might have something just for you.

FuturoBet is a place where you can play many entertaining games. Each of them has a different climate, like Mustang Gold, for example, set in the wild west. But every single one is a big chance to Win Your Future!

Hunt for the prize in crypto safari

Accept the invitation and visit Africa in Hot Safari. Feel the rays of the sun warming your face and reach for the prize in this exciting slot machine game available on FuturoBet! Are you brave enough to venture into this land and seek the treasures hidden there?

And remember, if you would like to change the climate, you may as well choose one of our many other games! You may even travel to the Far East in our Eastern 3 Kingdoms: Battle Of Red Cliffs!

FuturoBet aims to provide the most entertaining experience in the whole crypto gambling industry! That’s why we are offering such a variety of different games – Everyone will surely find something for themselves in one of our many fascinating slots. And since all of them are a chance for a big win, it’s worth a try!

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Wild Spells: A bit of magic

In the crypto industry, online casinos hold a special place. FuturoBet is even more unique among them, thanks to the variety of games available there. Many people came here to make their dreams come true.

And no wonder, because crypto gambling is very enjoyable, and brings a chance to win a fortune! If you are a crypto enthusiast who is looking for places to have some fun, FuturoBet is a place for you.

The magic of crypto gambling

Cryptocurrencies are entirely new phenomena in our world. For some folks, it is still more like magic. But in one of our slot games, this statement is very close to being true.

Let yourself be enchanted with Wild Spells! This astonishing adventure takes you to the domain of magic and wizardry. Are you ready to challenge your destiny in this fantastic world? The rewards are waiting for you there.

Cryptocurrency casino like never before

Cryptocurrency casinos are an exciting offer for crypto enthusiasts who are looking for a new place where they can spend their virtual assets. FuturoBet combines excellent entertainment with a chance for a big win. It’s something that every crypto enthusiast should want to try out.

If you want to learn more about our games, you should definitely read about them on FuturoBet’s blog.