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Fire 88: the hottest reels!


What is the best Bitcoin gambling site? FuturoBet. And what can it offer? The best BTC gambling games in the world. One of them is Fire 88, a slot machine game.

From the very beginning, FuturoBet has been offering cryptocurrency gamble games for everybody. If you want to play more traditional BTC gamble games, you can choose between Bitcoin roulette, poker, and blackjack. Also, you can try your luck in our lotto, or play one of almost a thousand other games. Fire 88 is one of the best ones.

BTC gambling site for many

FuturoBet is the online Bitcoin gambling site. What can be better than an online casino with Bitcoin? Nothing, really. If you can gamble with BTC, you don’t need anything else. Cryptocurrencies have become very popular, and cryptocurrency gambling sites are the hottest topic in the industry.

However, FuturoBet isn’t just another BTC gambling site. It is without any doubt one of the most trusted Bitcoin gambling sites.

Cryptocurrency gamble games, and more

Fire 88 is a great slot machine game. Despite all of that, FuturoBet isn’t just only about cryptocurrency gamble games. It is a gambling site that accepts Bitcoin and gives a lot of  extra entertainment. Try for yourself, what it means to play in online casino with Bitcoin and win a fortune!

If you want to learn more about our games, you should definitely read about them on FuturoBet’s blog.